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Design and development services

SGWD coding standards

All sites built by me are built to adhere to current best practices and coding standards. SGWD built sites are built to be search engine friendly with responsivness, cross browser compatability, security and your needs firmly in mind.

Search engine optimization

SEO ( Search engine optimization ) is a way of coding a web site so that search engines can easily find and index the sites contents for their search result listings

Responsive Websites

As more people are using devices with smaller screens, the way we view and interact with the web has changed.

Websites now need to be created in a way that allows the layout of a page to automatically adjust to fit within the viewable area of many different sized screens.

Responsive web design is the name given to the technique of creating sites that allow a layout to adapt to different screen sizes.
  • New website design and development
  • New websites can range from a simple one page advert type site through to complex dynamic, data driven e-commerce sites.

    Whether your business offers a service, your an artist selling your work, a musician who wants to reach out to a wider audience or you simply want people to know what you do, I can help you achieve your online aims with a professionally created website that does want you want it to do.

  • Re-design of existing site
  • You have a website, up and running, but it is not quite serving your purposes anymore. outdated content, missing functionality or perhaps your site just doesn't work well on newer touchscreen devices, A redesign of your current site could be the way to address any of these issues without having to have a new site designed and developed from scratch