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How much will having a web site built cost me?

Every site has a different amount of work needed, some simple sites can be done quickly and for a reasonably low cost, other, complex sites take more time, thought and skill to complete and therefor will have a higher cost associated with them

SGWD calculates quotes by viewing a site as a collection of pages, each containing base elements and possibly non-base elements

Creation of pages with base elements, start at £28 per page, rising to £85 per page for more complex designs

The base elements are the things that are common within each page of a website, and would be things such as

  • Menu systems
  • Contact details
  • Basic social media integration
  • Look and feel of the website

As well as this charge per page, there are additional charges made if you require non-base elements within your site.

Non-base element charges also reflect the complexity of each of these elements, less complex versions of these elements being less expensive and more complex versions being more expensive.
Prices for complex elements
Image galleries / slide shows £120 - £260
Contact forms: £40 - £60
E-commerce/shopping carts: £280 - £400
Newsletter mailing lists: £80 - £220
Getting a quote
Simply use the contact form, or me to let me know what your looking for. I will get back to you with an estimated quote