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Hosting: What is it?

For your website to be accessible via the world wide web, It must have somewhere to live that's connected to this web.

An Internet connected computer running webserver software provides this place

Purchasing website hosting, is reserving yourself space on this Internet connected computer.

As well as a Web design service, SGWD can provide a hosting service for your new website

Web hosting provided can be for a site containing just a single page to the more demanding needs of a multi-page, dynamic, data-driven web site.

As well as actual server space, hosting packages come with several features included as standard.

Email address, Database use, Webmail, FTP accounts, Cpanel are just a few of these.

Hosting packages and prices

The packages shown are flexible, so can be adjusted to suit the needs of your website
£20:00 Per year
Disc quota500MB
Bandwidth5GB *
Ftp accounts2
Email accounts2
Sub domains2
Add on domains2
£25:00 Per year
Disc quota1024MB
Ftp accounts5
Email accounts5
Sub domains5
Add on domains3
Standard +
£30:00 Per year
Disc quota2048MB
Ftp accounts5
Email accounts10
Sub domains5
Add on domains5
1024MB = 1GB* Bandwidth allowance is the amount of data transfer allowed per month